Saturday, October 3, 2009

Here we go!

As of October 4th, Molly's surgery is scheduled for October the 29th. The surgery will be at Carolinas Medical Center. For approximately the first 24 hours Molly will be in the Intensive Care Unit. There are no visitors allowed in the Intensive Care Unit except for direct relatives. After, she will be moved to a regular room and will stay there from one to five days.

As the date approaches, we will let you know any additional information we have. If you have anything you would like to share on this blog, please contact me, Kris Daniels at or 704-200-8075. I will be glad to share it with everyone.


  1. Molly went to see her surgeon last week and he gave Molly and Troy more information about the whole process. They both left feeling much more at ease about the surgery.

    Troy will be will Molly at the hospital for the surgery and initial recovery. Once, Molly is up for visitors, we will let you know.

    Also, the girls will be with us, the Daniels for a sleepover the night before the surgery. They will probably be back home with Troy's mom on the 30th. This part may change as the day approaches.

  2. Kris, You are awesome with this idea, love you. Molly, you are in my prayers every you too.
    Traci Couden